Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quick Update - Spring 2016

I woke up early this morning and figured this was a great time for another blog post!

We've had a wonderful winter and early spring. Sure can't wait for the sun and warm weather to stick around so we can spend more time outside, at the pool, and at the fire pit. Here are some highlights from the past few months.

The birth of Baby Oliver (Jan. 2016)

Sledding! (Jan. 2016)

Swimming in the bathtub on Snow Day #5 (Jan. 2016)

Happy Birthday! #2 & #6 (Feb. 2016)

Handmade banner made by the talented Courtney Bassett (check out her Etsy shop Joy in the Midst)

School Valentine's Party (Feb. 2016)

Cooper and his "twin", Drew (Feb. 2016)

Starting them young (Feb. 2016)

First season of basketball (March 2016)

Being silly with Daddy (March 2016)

More child labor (March 2016)

Easter (March 2016)

Trip to the Metro Richmond Zoo (April 2016)

Fun times with buddy Eliott (April 2016)

Running the Kid's Mile (April 2016)

Monument Ave. 10k with Mollie (April 2016)

Learning to help (April 2016)

Ice cream! (April 2016)

Screened porch dining with cousin Andrew (April 2016)

Sassy (April 2016)

Finally, he eats pizza! (May 2016)

More Baby Oliver (May 2016)

Story Time (May 2016)
Happy spring, all! Till the next time...

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